Women are frequently underserved by the financial services market. Whether it is because women often remove themselves from conversations around money or there is a bias in the industry, the point is that we need to increase women’s engagement in money matters.

New research from the Center for Talent Innovation has shown how women have different needs as investors:

  • Women are looking for an advisor that understands them and listens to them.
  • Women want customized planning, values aligned investment strategies, and charitable giving strategies.
  • 90% of women in the global sample say “making a positive impact on society is important.”  Women want money not so much for what it can buy, but rather for what it can do.  However, of the women that want to invest in gender equality only 8% actually do. This is because the financial industry is so far off the mark in delivering what investors want. People want to align their personal and philanthropic values with investing but don’t know how.
  • 77% of women want to invest in companies whose leadership is diverse with women, people of color and people of varying social, economic, and educational backgrounds. They perceive diverse teams drive better performance.  This is supported by a Wall Street Journal report in 2011: “Profits at Fortune 500 firms that most aggressively promoted women have been shown to be 34 percent higher than industry medians.”
  • A 2009 study found “venture-backed companies in Silicon Valley run by women had annual revenues that were 12% higher than those run by men.  These companies also used an average of one-third less committed capital, and had lower failure rates than those led by men.”
  • Women are more likely to desire a sense of meaning and purpose from their work.  When asked what having wealth means to women, it means the importance of being able to fund their aspirations and drive their agenda which includes advancing causes that are important to them, their families, and their communities.

If these results resonate with you, then let’s talk.

My goal is to help clients (both women and men) gain clarity and confidence around money for yourself, in your relationships, and in business, so you can be an active participant in your money. The first step is to develop your money compass, so you are clear on your wealth goals and the right path.

A wealth plan, done with the right approach, helps create career choice, flexibility, and opportunities to empower yourself and others.

Investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss. The return on environmental, social, and governance based investments may be lower than if the adviser made decisions based solely on investment considerations.

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