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Stephanie Barnier

Why I Became a Wealth Advisor

In my experience, money can bring people together and provide joy. Finance was a hobby for me before it became my work and passion. My parents taught me about money management and investments from a young age.

As early as the age of 8, I would roll out the thick Sunday morning newspaper and pull out those beautiful, shiny, colored coupons. My mom is a coupon clipping ninja. And, I would clip beside her as if each coupon was a fancy $100 bill. We had so much fun budgeting money together. She taught me the skills for good cash flow and money management.

On Saturday mornings, usually before the sun came up, I would learn about investments from my dad. He taught me what makes a market, how it moves, what makes a great investment and what a well-run company looks like. We read investment periodicals together and I studied finance books that he would give me for the holidays and my birthday. At the time, my dad was one of the trustees of a corporate retirement plan and responsible for oversight of the plan.

Those experiences eventually led me to a career in wealth management.

Early in my career, I made the mistake of just focusing on money as many financial planners do. While focusing on good money management for clients and for myself is important, I found myself waiting to take the first steps and do the things that are closest to my heart. And if I wasn’t having those conversations with myself, I certainly wasn’t having those conversations with my clients.

More than a decade later, the wealth planning work that we do now is about your life, then we plan the money and finances to support your dreams and goals. The key ingredient is knowing and understanding your dreams, goals and vision. Then we develop your wealth plan and investment strategies.

I became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ is to inspire others to find their joy around money.

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Stephanie’s Professional Background

  • Started my career at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
  • Transitioned to Strategic Wealth Associates in 2011
  • Became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional in 2012
  • Transitioned to The Wealth Consulting Group as founding member in 2014
  • Founded Clear Sky Wealth to lead a dynamic wealth management and planning team

Stephanie’s Personal Background

  • Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ
  • Graduated from the University of San Diego with high honors
  • Played soccer for USD
  • Spent a year in Malaga, Spain to learn the language and better understand European culture
  • Lives in San Diego (for nearly two decades) with my husband, daughter, son and dog
  • Practices yoga regularly to remain centered and fit
  • Shares the magic of the game of soccer with younger generations
  • Passion for gardening and travel

Stephanie’s Organizations & Volunteerism

  • Executive Committee Member for ProVisors
  • Coach Youth Soccer

Client Service
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Amanda Pecot

In my experience, life can be a balancing act.  It certainly was and has been for me.  I grew up with two families and two homes, switching back and forth every day, and I learned a lot about how to keep a lot of balls in the air at one time.  Growing up, I was involved in competitive sports, enjoyed academics, and had creative outlets in playing the flute and singing in the choir.  Learning to balance these different areas, while continuing to grow and flourish in each of them has been an asset, as I’ve progressed in my career.  Having two very different families taught me how to relate and communicate with different people, and I carry those lessons with me in business today.

​When people think about money, they often feel overwhelmed.  I have found that these feelings stem from a lack of communication around money that ultimately leads to stress, which lowers self-confidence and impacts leadership and relationships.  This was certainly true for me and my family now – communication around money was hard and stressful.

We went through the wealth planning process, which explored our values around money.  The process taught us how to be on the same team, and bridged the gaps in communication that we had experienced for years.  We now have clarity and confidence around our money, which has made all aspects of our lives easier and more joyful.

​At Clear Sky Wealth, we work with each client to create a personalized financial roadmap to help you work towards your personal financial goals. We start with the intangible assets: values, dreams, goals, and ideas, and align them with the tangible assets, so that each wealth plan is customized and aligned with the matters closest to your heart.

California Insurance License # 0L29626
​California Notary Commission # 2184473

ADV 2B Disclosure

Amanda’s Professional Background

  • Started my career in Escrow Compliance for Pickford Escrow Company, an affiliate of Berkshire Hathaway
  • Transitioned to The Wealth Consulting Group to learn about financial services and financial planning
  • Joined Stephanie Barnier in helping to start Clear Sky Wealth as a part of our dynamic team

Amanda’s Personal Background

  • Born and raised in San Diego, CA
  • Attended Cal Poly, SLO, studied Kinesiology
  • Danced West Coast Swing competitively
  • Enjoy playing board and card games and cooking
  • Passion for Scotland and Scotch Whisky, especially from the island of Islay
  • Live in San Diego with my family, 3 cats, and dog

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Briana Gibson

In my experience, wealth can offer freedom to create a balanced approach to living and dreaming. Growing up with parents who both worked in “safe jobs”, and drastically different money styles, I see-sawed with my understanding of personal money style. As a young creative I was told my destiny was to be the “starving artist”, but I knew this was not my path.

My dad had an obsession with Walt Disney that he passed on to me. Not the animation side like you might think, but the entrepreneur side, the kind who would take big risks to create something wonderful that people had to have in their lives.

While I have been a young adult, it has taken time to confidently navigate money conversations and management in support of my dreams. While finishing my degree in Design & Marketing and establishing my career in the creative field I found the courage to thrive independently.

As a result, I now offer my creative skills and communication experience in support of those seeking to thrive and establish balance in their financial lives. My desire is to empower others to manage their money well. Everyone should know it is possible for them to live easily, creatively and independently with their wealth.

Briana’s Professional Background

  • Began my career as a Graphic Designer for California State University San Bernardino in 2013
  • While working for California State University San Bernardino, I was awarded a Silver Addy Award by The American Advertising Federation for a hand-illustrated poster in 2015
  • After moving to San Diego, I began working with Kameleon Advertising, in 2016, as a Creative Director and Graphic Designer
  • In 2019, I joyfully joined the team at Clear Sky Wealth LLC

Briana’s Personal Background

  • Born & raised in Azusa, California
  • Attended CSU, San Bernardino, studied Graphic Design & Marketing
  • National Swing Dance competitor and Part-Time Instructor
  • Digital artist, often seen on drawing with my iPad.
  • Curator for Sonya Dance Sisters, a group focused on self practice in partnership dancing.

Public Relations

Lola Victor

I grew up with little conversation or education around money and finances. So much so, that I was afraid of money, and not having it simply because I did not know how it worked. This made pursuing my passions as a creative scary, because I didn’t have the confidence to manage and channel my money in support of my dreams.

​One day I decided I would no longer let myself live in scarcity, with fear & anxiety around money. I set out to heal my outdated and unhelpful thoughts and actions around money and take a step back into the natural state of abundance.

In working with Clear Sky Wealth, I learned first-hand how powerful and transformative their mission and work is. I personally transformed my own life from a state of scarcity into one of abundance.

I am grateful I have followed this journey with Clear Sky Wealth, because it has given me the tools and confidence to pursue my passion and inspire people to find their voice and vision. Through words and visuals, I lovingly offer this skillset bringing to life others’ clear and authentic prosperity.

Lola’s Professional Background

  • Began Writing for Flo ‘N’ The
    Go art & culture publication in Florence, Italy in 2014
  • Worked for The Museum of
    Anthropology in Florence, Italy in 2015
  • Worked for The Newcomb Museum
    in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2016
  • Worked for The Anton Haardt
    Gallery in New Orleans, 2016
  • Founded Ladies in Art Nola,
    Professional Community & Networking Association in 2017
  • Joined The European Cultural
    Center for The Venice Biennale in 2017
  • Worked for The Urhof20
    Performance Art Theater and Fine Art Exhibition Space in 2017
  • Joined Ilan-Lael Foundation
    as Freelance Content Creator & Journalist for Pacific Rim Park Build
    Project in Yantai, China in 2018
  • Joined Clear Sky Wealth as
    Content Creator and PR Associate in 2019

Lola’s Personal Background

  • Born & Raised in San Diego, California
  • Graduated from Tulane University with a dual degree in Fine Art & English
  • Currently Pursuing an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art & Writing from The California Institute of Integral Studies
  • Teaches Yoga, Meditation, and Healing Workshops
  • Professional Artist showing in galleries and painting murals
  • Has traveled to 28+ countries and looking forward to exploring more