Your wealth plan is customized and personalized to help you work towards your financial goals.  Our wealth strategies and recommendations are always aligned with your vision and the matters closest to your heart.  And, we recognize that different clients want a different level of commitment and support. 

Money Guidance

Your money compass provides you with a guide that strives to reduce external noise and keep you focused on your  wealth. You better understand where you should focus your attention and where you should say “No.”

During this step, our job is to learn about you, your vision, your values, and how you want to maximize your money and wealth.

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Wealth Planning

Once you have a money compass, the next step is to develop a comprehensive wealth plan. We align your intangible assets (dreams, goals, visions) with tangible assets, and build your personal wealth plan.

Wealth planning is much more than investment management. Many things that can impact your wealth are out of plain sight. We help you identify and manage these areas. This includes consulting with specialists in areas like tax and legal.

You get a comprehensive, written wealth plan to help you work towards your goals. In addition to the plan, we work with you to ensure you are staying on track.

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Investment Advisory

Beyond wealth planning, we provide custom investment strategies that align with your money compass and seek to ensure your portfolio is tailored to your goals. This level of guidance is designed with the goal to help you find inspiration and joy around your money while removing the scary part of investing — choosing specific investments and assets.

Here is what you get

  • Based on your wealth plan, we assign each account a goal and get your money working for you
  • Your portfolio is balanced based on your goals, investment preferences, and risk tolerance
  • Assets that align with your values (e.g. social values, environmentally responsible)
  • Regular tracking reports and communication from us on your progress

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Money & Wealth Workshops

Financial education is not a required course in most K-12 schools. Yet, we manage finances and use money daily. A lack of money knowledge can lead to unnecessary stress and frustration. In our workshops, we simplify finances and teach ways to live in abundance no matter how much you are making.

You will graduate from the workshop with

  • Tools for reducing anxiety, stress and worry about money
  • Increased clarity and confidence about money
  • Clear action steps to get your money working for you
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