Far too many people ask: “What can I do for money?” when they should really be asking: “What can money do for me?” We get money working towards our clients’ vision and goals so they can maximize their abundance. 

Listening & Communication

While the goal of wealth planning is to build wealth, not everyone is focused solely on their net worth. How you get there matters. That is why we listen to what’s important to you: what inspires you and discourages you, what works and what hasn’t worked for you. We listen to how you want to live and thrive, where you want to be now and in the future. Listening is our secret sauce.

Of course, it is not only about listening. And since not everyone has the same communication preference, we use communication tools to understand the most effective way to communicate with you. That leads to better conversations that help us learn about how you are already successful and what your vision is for you, your family and your community.

Setting Direction

Together, we develop your Money Compass: a guide that prioritizes your goals and visions in order of financial success. Your Money Compass reduces external noise so you can stay focused on what matters most to you and your family. When working with you, we reference your Money Compass (all the time) – it holds the matters closest your heart. And, that is important to us.

Next, we analyze your financial data. The goal is to uncover opportunities to get money working towards you vision and goals.  The iceberg illustrates areas we look at together to uncover opportunities.


Planning & Portfolio Alignment

Once your direction is clear, ​we create your personal wealth plan and design your investment portfolio to align with your Money Compass – your vision – your values – your wealth. The goal is to maximize your money with your wealth plan action steps.

Your wealth plan is designed to be easy and joyful to implement, and we are available to support you. We offer as much support as you’d like when taking action with your wealth.

​The Result

You get a new way of looking at your wealth. You’ll have more clarity and confidence around money and what it can do for you. And for those complicated investments and planning situations, we bring you simplified explanations that are easily understood (ask about how bond prices and yields can be explained by a teeter totter). The result is that you will understand what money can do for you.

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