For the past two months, I have been focused on how to provide more financial education on YouTube and make it exciting (or as exciting as finance can be for folks that aren’t in the industry). I took an online course and then started to do research on the search terms that would be a good fit for me. I had no idea there was so much that I did not know…

At one point, I thought I should quit this project. All I saw were obstacles, which made me think that there were no solutions. However, one evening while meditating, I consciously decided to take a different approach and look at all the things that were working in my favor: receiving good information, working with expert coaches, and relying on a supportive team. 

Shifting my focus allowed me to see the opportunities. Rather than thinking about the search terms from my perspective as a financial planner, I was able to think like someone who is not familiar with the industry terms. That is when the possibilities opened up for me! Now, I feel like I have a clear path forward.

Similarly, I was meeting with a client whose adult son can no longer work for unforeseen reasons. When we met, she was focused on how to help him pay his mortgage so her grandchildren can stay in their home. I was able to help her realize that she did not need to come up with a long-term solution immediately. She could find a short-term solution today, then figure out a long-term solution after she gets some other answers.

My client also realized there are other family members who may be able to help, so the responsibility doesn’t need to sit solely on her shoulders. Realizing this was a huge relief for her! She just needed to look at the opportunities rather than just the obstacles.  This is not always easy to do when the obstacles are our own.

If you are facing an obstacle, particularly a financial one, and you need support, give me a call to chat at (619) 490-4059 or contact us to schedule a time to talk. I would be honored to help you see the opportunities already in front of you.