Have you ever put off the important things in life, the things closest to your heart, because of money? You needed to save for it before even taking the first step, or you wanted to plan your money first, then plan your life? I know I have. And not waiting to take the first step has been one of the most important things I have learned.

Early in my career, I made the mistake of just focusing on money as many financial planners do. While focusing on good money management for clients and for myself is important, I found myself waiting to pursue the things that are closest to my heart. And if I wasn’t having those conversations with myself, I certainly wasn’t having those conversations with my clients.

More than a decade later, the wealth planning work we do now is about getting clear on your goals and dreams – whatever matters most to you – then we plan the money and finances to support that vision.

As a way to inspire others to pursue their dreams and goals now, I am hosting the Women & Wealth workshop series and the Financial Workshops for Veterans series starting in January. Each series is five workshops over five months, where you will increase your knowledge about how money works, cultivate your ability to allow money to work for you, and learn ways to live abundantly. For the veterans workshops, we will also share a detailed explanation of veteran benefits and how best to use them.

These workshop series are taught live via webinar. Click to learn more or to register for the Women & Wealth Workshops or the Veterans Workshops. Feel free to let others who may be interested know about it.