Are you working for your money, or is your money working for you? It’s a simple question with a profound impact. When you get your money working for you, it can support your dreams and goals.

Once you prioritize your goals and vision in order of financial success, it is easier to live in abundance – no matter how much money you make.

To help more women use their money to support their dreams and goals, I am hosting the Women & Wealth workshop series. I’ve put together a 2-minute video to tell you more about it.

This workshop series is taught live via webinar. Click to learn more or to register for the Women & Wealth Workshops. Feel free to share the information with others who may be interested.

Why is the workshop focused on women?

One of the things I have learned from talking to women about building wealth is that men often take the lead with conversations when it comes to financial matters. They tend to have a more transactional view of money and are interested in focusing on the numbers first then their goals.  Women tend to be interested in connecting their wealth to the rest of their lives. So, I decided to create a workshop where women have a comfortable place to learn more about money, ask questions, and align their money to what matters most.

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