Over the past few years, there has been a lot of negative news about men. It seems like more than usual to me. Have you noticed it? Maybe it has something to do with our current president and the atmosphere he has created. Politics aside, there are good men. One male colleague shared with me that he was embarrassed for his whole gender because there are so many allegations against men.

That is why I wanted to honor all of the wonderful men out there. I know a lot of them who are great husbands, partners, and dads. I am certain that all of the men on my newsletter list are pretty great 🙂

Growing up, I wanted to be a mom and have a career. It was not until I was older that I realized that a lot of women feel they have to make a choice to be one or the other. For me, having a supportive partner is the secret to making it work. My husband participates in our kids’ lives, shares in the responsibilities at home, and steps up to even more responsibilities when I need to be away. I could not be the mom and professional that I want to be without his support.

In the world of money and finance, women own over half of the wealth in the world but most of them still turn to male partners, friends and confidants for financial advice. This is okay, although I think it is great to offer women the education and guidance needed to play a more active role in managing their wealth. We all have valuable ideas and need to collaborate in support of one another – no matter a person’s gender.  

If you would like to collaborate on how to build your wealth aligned with your values, please contact us.

And, for all of the men out there who support others, who are great parents, coaches, and friends: I appreciate you and lots of other women do as well.