Receiving an award is a joyful experience. I am truly honored to be included on the Top 40 Under 40 list at the Daily Transcript!

When I first entered the finance industry, I had a vision of owning my own business. I even shared it with one of my early clients. While I recognized that there were some important steps to reach my goal, the path to get there was not crystal clear to me.

First, I joined Morgan Stanley because they had a great training program, and it was a good place to learn about capital markets and get licensed in the industry. When I felt that I learned what I could there, I took the opportunity to work with a more experienced team at a smaller firm and get my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ designation. All the while, I built relationships in the industry that could provide me with advice, insights, and connections when I needed them.

And because I was thinking about the end goal, I paid attention when lessons were presented to me. For example, I learned the value of defining and living your Core Values (see ours here). This has been essential to building the right team, community and developing long-term relationships with clients.

Reaching your goals does not just happen. You need to get clear on your vision, even if you don’t have visibility on each step along the way. Then, you can start to gather the information, guidance and help you need to get there.

And while being included on the Top 40 Under 40 list is a great honor, I think it was even more fulfilling to get a note from the long-time client with whom I had shared my goal of owning my own business. She wrote, “it is so inspiring to see you living your vision with your business.” If you are ready to pursue your vision and create financial goals to get you there, I would be glad to be a part of your process. You can contact us or give us a call at (619) 490-4059 to schedule a time to talk.

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