Do you pay to have your home cleaned? While some people may think it is a frivolous expense, it is worth every penny to me. I prefer to do other things than clean.  And with two young children and a dog, our house can get dirty pretty quickly.

There is nothing that the cleaners do that I could not figure out how to do. They have an efficient process for getting our home clean and know the tricks to make their work easier.

Choosing to use a wealth planner is similar. There is plenty of information available to educate yourself about investments, the markets, and how to create a balanced portfolio to match your age and goals. As a matter of fact, we will be offering even more free financial education next month on our YouTube channel to educate people who want to do it themselves (subscribe to our YouTube channel here).

The people who benefit from working with a wealth planer are people who want an effective wealth plan, a process to reach their money goals and efficient investments for their money without having to figure it out themselves. Our clients choose to spend their time on other things.  

Because we do it regularly, we have a defined process as well as some tricks to help get you there faster. And, just like my cleaning team makes sure my house is regularly clean, we keep your investment plan in shape to make sure it continues to serve your goals.

If you would like some guidance with a wealth plan that supports your goals, give me a call or send me a quick email to schedule some time. I would be honored to help you align your investments with your personal and family goals. You can reach me at (619) 490-4059 or use the contact form.

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