Last week, I got a phone call inviting me to be on News 8 to talk about back-to-school finances. I was grateful for the opportunity! The challenge was that they contacted me on Tuesday afternoon to be on the show on Wednesday at 8:45am.

With that short of notice, I almost said “No.” However, I really want to get more involved in education around finances, particularly if it is a fun topic to for viewers. So, even though I had to re-arrange a few things on Wednesday morning, I agreed to do the interview.

I had the perfect plan for an interview – what I would say, what I would wear. However, with the short notice of this opportunity, that plan was not going to happen. The dress I planned to wear was at the dry cleaners and would not be ready for several days. And, I did not have time to get some of the props I wanted to use.

That is why I decided to let go of the perfect plan and show up with the best outcome in mind. The interview went well, and it met my goal of helping to educate more people on managing their finances (as much as you can do in 5 minutes). You can view it here:

Just like my interview experience, a wealth plan rarely unfolds exactly the way you want it to. That is why you should focus on a few goals and approach your plan with the best outcome in mind. The clarity around your goals allows you to identify the right opportunities when they come your way.

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