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What Is A Wealth Plan?

A wealth plan is a financial road map that takes a look at all of your intangible assets – those are your visions, your dreams, and your goals for you and family, and you align them with your tangible assets, such as your money, investments and real estate.

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Why Should I Invest?

The answer is simple: to give you choice. You see there are three sources of income: one is your labor, land, and capital. Labor is that degree you got from college, or some type of trade that you use in the workplace to generate a stream of income for today to support you and your family. If we are earning wages along the way, but not deploying it into land, real estate, rental property, or into capital, savings, retirement accounts, investment accounts, then we might not give ourselves much choice in the future. The choice is: these two asset classes – land and capital, can give you streams of income to use in the future, so you can rely less on your brain and your working capacity if you choose.

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What To Look For When Investing?

Number one, does the company have high barrier to entry – that means, is it easy for other competition to come in to their market, and take over market share? So high barrier to entry is number one. Number two, does the company have sales? Are they actually selling? Is there a demand for their product or service? And, do they have earnings – are they making money? Or are they simply just burning money or burning cash flow? And number three is, do they have a product or a service or a niche that there is a demand for today, and for the next 3-5 years?

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