What has been your biggest accomplishment (so far) in life? Has someone helped you get there? In my experience, nobody creates anything of significance alone. Even in an individual sport like tennis, the great players have coaches and others that contribute to their success.

As a long-time soccer player, I’ve learned how to be a good team player and the importance of having the right team to help me be my best. Whether you are leading a team, an individual contributor, or your current focus is parenting and raising children, it is important to surround yourself with people that support you. With technology and social media, it’s easy to be connected without being supported.

About two years ago, I started an informal mastermind group with two friends. Every Monday at 8:00 am, we join a 30-minute call. Each of us shares our current wins, challenges, and concerns – such as relationships, work, health, and money. And most importantly, we acknowledge each other. (If you want any ideas on starting your own mastermind, I am happy to share what works for us.)

At the beginning of this year, one concern that came up for me a few times was: when should I hire another employee and how could we find the right person to add to our team. It’s so important to find the right person for a growing team like ours! My friends in the mastermind helped me to let go of that concern and get more comfortable with the idea of growing the team.

So, I am joyful to announce that Briana Gibson and Lola Victor have joined the Clear Sky Wealth team!

Briana focuses on the behind-the-scenes work in Operations. She also uses her graphic design and communication skills to improve the look of our materials. Lola focuses on content creation and Public Relations to ensure that more people learn about Clear Sky Wealth and the message we want to share around wealth and prosperity.

If you want to learn more about Briana and Lola, check out Our Team page.

I sincerely hope you find the team you need to support your success. If you need any team support on your financial goals, I would be honored to help. You can reach me at (619) 490-4059 or use the contact form.