One of the questions I get from clients and colleagues is where do I find the time to do everything – family, business and fun? Life is indeed rich and full… and I love it that way. There are two things that allow me to fit so many things into my life: clear priorities and being present.

The first is that I do not do it “all”. While I naturally get overcommitted, I have learned to be clear about my priorities. The top two are my family and my clients. When considering other commitments, I look at how they will impact my top two. If it will negatively impact either significantly, I have learned to say “No” (which isn’t always easy).

The same is true on the weekends. We spend time together as a family, whether it is at a neighborhood soccer game, playing on the monkey bars, or all supporting Maxim as he learns to run (he is getting fast).

In order for me to be present at work, we have fantastic childcare. I know they are in good hands with our nanny, who facilitates art projects, takes them to the park, and ensures they are well fed. That allows me to be fully present with clients and focusing on other aspects at work.

This is also true with your finances. When you have clarity around your financial goals, it is easier to prioritize, make decisions, eliminate worry about it, and be more present – wherever you choose to focus your attention.

Would you like to get more clarity about your financial goals, so that you can be more present and do more of what matters to you? If so, I am happy to help. To schedule a time to talk, connect with us.

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