In the early 90s, I was an avid snowboarder. As one of the few female snowboarders at the time, I used to ride with my brother and his friends. I was pretty fearless and rather good. However, I had not been snowboarding in the last 14 years.

So, I was excited when we decided to go snowboarding. Then, two weeks before leaving on our trip, I started to doubt myself. Would I remember how to do it? Was I too old to get back into it? I watched YouTube videos about how to snowboard and started imagining how it felt to be a on a snowboard again.

I almost skipped snowboarding that trip. However, I decided to have courage and to work my way back into. I started on the green slope. After one run, I moved to the blue slopes and was at the top of the mountain before the end of the first day.

Even for something we have done before, it can take courage to do it again. And, it can be even harder to start something new. Conversations around money take courage, particularly when they are new to you.

That is why I put the Women & Wealth Workshop Series together. I love helping others build up that needed courage. So, if you would like a little help getting started on conversations about money and getting your money aligned with your goals, please join me.

The first workshop starts tomorrow, Wednesday April 17, at 12:30pm. You can get all of the details here: Women & Wealth Workshop Series.

Whether you join the workshop or not, I hope you find the courage to have conversations about money and get your money aligned with your goals.