Investing with Your Values

In my last post, I talked about spending with passion. If that resonated with you, then you may also want to consider how you are investing your money.The investing world has often been seen as very black and white. “What’s the return on investment?” was the only question that mattered. However, … Read more about Investing with Your Values

Do You Spend with Passion?

Is most of your spending aligned with your values? I was reminded how good it feels just the other day. As a busy professional, mom and wife, I often try to multi-task. A week or so ago, I tried to fit in a car wash while parking to run errands. It would have been $40, so I chose to not do it. Upon … Read more about Do You Spend with Passion?

Choosing to Not Go Pro

Last week, my mom dropped off some memorabilia from high school and college. The things that really caught my attention were some articles from when I played soccer at USD. Here is a response from my coach to the question “Can Barnier play professionally?”“I think she can. Stephanie is a tireless … Read more about Choosing to Not Go Pro

What can money do for you?

Imagine that money never existed. What would your world look like?What would you be doing?Where would you live?What talents would you be using?How would you be contributing to society?Most people ask: “What can I do for money?” rather than: “What can money do for me?” For greater joy around money, … Read more about What can money do for you?

Does Money Bring You Joy?

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