Taking It All In

Thanks to everyone who has reached out with well wishes. Maxim (that nickname seems to be sticking for now) and I are both doing well. He is healthy and happy, and Tessa is adjusting well to big sisterhood. Maxim’s arrival has encouraged me to enjoy this time at home, notice the spring flowers … Read more about Taking It All In

Enjoy The Journey

Last week, I was out for a morning walk in my neighborhood around 6:30am. There was a beautiful sunrise that was inspiring to take in. However, what I noticed was that everyone was rushing around. Pulling out of their driveways without checking oncoming traffic, setting off horns and driving too … Read more about Enjoy The Journey

Who is on Your Team?

My husband and I just celebrated our third anniversary. After 3 years of marriage, we are much better at being “team” players (with Euro2016 and Copa America going on, I am afraid there are going to be a few soccer analogies ;)Sometimes, I need him to play defense and take care of dinner and our … Read more about Who is on Your Team?

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