Imagining The Future

One would not describe me as an early adopter of technology. In fact, my dad called me in 2010 to tell me how cool the Apple iPhone is. He really liked the features and everything you could do with it. I told him: “You're such a hip and cool and young dad!” :-) At the time, I did not imagine … Read more about Imagining The Future

Appreciate and Smile

We have had our share of natural disasters this year in the USA: wildfires, hurricanes, floods and more. My heart goes out to the families that have suffered losses this year. We often don’t take a moment to appreciate all that we have until it has depreciated or is gone. While I normally like … Read more about Appreciate and Smile

Better Than Nothing

Two weeks ago, I ended up taking my two kids with me for my massage. No, that was not the original plan, but my husband had a work commitment that popped up suddenly. Since we did not have any last-minute childcare options, I had two choices: forfeit my massage or take the kids with me. Since … Read more about Better Than Nothing

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