Receiving an award is a joyful experience. I am truly honored to be included on the Top 40 Under 40 list at the Daily Transcript! When I first entered the finance industry, I had a vision of owning my own business. I even shared it with one of my early clients. While I recognized that there were … Read more about Honored


In the early 90s, I was an avid snowboarder. As one of the few female snowboarders at the time, I used to ride with my brother and his friends. I was pretty fearless and rather good. However, I had not been snowboarding in the last 14 years. So, I was excited when we decided to go snowboarding. … Read more about Courage

Feeling Success

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word success? I immediately think of vast amounts of wealth – Bill Gates level of wealth. It might be because I work in the finance industry, but I think that definition is embedded in American culture. However, the question “What does … Read more about Feeling Success

Worrying Less

Do you worry about money? You are not alone. Studies show that 72% of people are moderately to extremely stressed about money. It is a theme that comes up frequently when I talk with people. And making more money is not necessarily the solution. Some of the people who tell me they are stressed … Read more about Worrying Less

Not Waiting

Have you ever put off the important things in life, the things closest to your heart, because of money? You needed to save for it before even taking the first step, or you wanted to plan your money first, then plan your life? I know I have. And not waiting to take the first step has been one of the … Read more about Not Waiting


More than 15 years ago, a dear friend said to me: "Steph, life is worth stopping to smell the roses more often." This was in response to me being a goal-driven person and not taking time to celebrate what I had. As a competitive athlete, I learned to identify priorities, set and accomplish goals, … Read more about Celebrating

Taxes as a Privilege

It’s year-end tax planning time. And when it comes to paying taxes, I am like most folks – not smiling when writing that check. However, it is a lot easier to pay taxes when you have some perspective. Approximately 8% of the world’s population lives in a developed country with clean drinking … Read more about Taxes as a Privilege

Setting Limits

While I prefer to exercise outside, I do go to the gym to build strength. My warmup is 18 minutes on the treadmill. The other day, I started thinking about why I run for only 18 minutes. What if I went to 20 minutes? Is that much harder? Or, is that the amount of running time I am used to? After … Read more about Setting Limits

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