Far too many people ask: “What can I do for money?” when they should really be asking: “What can money do for me?” I help my clients get a better understanding of what money can do for them. How it relates to your passions, family, health and community.

First, we keep it simple by getting to know you. We use communication tools to learn the most effective way to communicate with you. In our conversations, we learn about how you are already successful and what your vision is for you, your family and community.

Next, we develop your Money Compass: a guide that prioritizes your goals and visions in order of financial success. Your Money Compass also reduces external noise so you can stay focused on your wealth.

Finally, we create your personal wealth plan and design an investment portfolio that is aligned with your Money Compass – your vision – your values.

The result is often a new way of looking at your wealth. You’ll have more clarity and confidence around money and what it can do for you. And for those complicated investments and planning situations, we bring you simplified explanations that are easily understood (ask me about how bond prices and yields can be explained by a teeter totter).

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